Envelopes & Mailing Bags


Experience great savings when you purchase from b2b.ie. There are a variety of factors to consider when researching your envelope options, including weight/feel, cost, and usage.

They come with a certain weight and texture, and our range includes business, prestige and security varieties. Each offers a different level of thickness and weight to suit your office requirements.

As the leading suppliers of business envelopes in Ireland, we are committed to providing excellent quality products at affordable prices, which has enabled us to develop a position as market leaders. Search all of our categories to find the correct type for your requirements.

White Envelopes

    • Q-Connect DL size hold A5 sheets folded once and A4 paper folded twice.

    • Write directly on the 80gsm quality paper or attach labels to the strong surface.

    • Autofast wallet design works in mailing machines for bulk labelling.

Manilla Envelopes

Standard manilla envelopes are a must-have for any office. This stiff, sturdy material protects important business documents and ensures correspondence arrives safely to the recipient.

    • Gummed seals on quality 70gsm quality paper enable efficient mailing, with 20 shrink-wrapped packs of 50 available in each box.

    • Popular sizes include 89x152mm or peel and seal varieties in C4 size on 115gsm paper.

    • Manilla envelope selection box has a rip strip opening that indicates tampering for the safest mailing results.

    • Sizes include 29x102mm, 229x162mm (C5), 270x216mm, 324x229 (C4), and 381x254mm.

    • New Guardian C5 design is made from premium two-tone paper on 130gsm paper.

Polythene Envelopes

Our polythene envelopes offer increased durability and security with an opaque finish. The flexible waterproof design can be used to package a wide range of office items and products.

    • It’s easy to write directly on Royal Mail envelopes with no postage labels required.

    • 440x320mm or 460x430mm size comes in a pack of 20.

    • 340x445mm Ampac enclosures are lined with shock-absorbing bubble wrap and tear-resistant polythene, ideal for long-distance mailing.

Padded Envelopes

We also supply padded envelopes and bags for fragile items. An extra layer of padding can make all the difference when it comes to storing important workplace materials or sending delicate items to team members and clients.

    • Padded gusset design from Q-Connect comes in peel and seal packs of 100.

    • These eco-friendly paper products are made from 100% recycled material and can be fully recycled after use.

    • The 50mm gusset expands for bulkier items with ample protection from 140gsm outer paper and 90gsm inner manilla paper, plus a 120gsm corrugated middle layer.

    • Lightweight bubble lining on 75gsm paper also available.

Wage Envelopes

Make safe payments with long-lasting wage envelopes from leading brands like 5 Star Office, Q-Connect and New Guardian. Tamper-evident security solutions ensure safe storage and sending of payslips, notes and coins.

    • 108x102mm New Guardian wage packages have a self-seal closure with security slits that tear when opened.

    • Buy in bulk with packs of 1,000 80gsm manilla wage envelopes.

    • Q-Connect 90gsm packets have pre-printed wage details with space for customisation on 75% recycled paper.

Corrugated Board Envelopes

High-strength corrugated cardboard resists tampering and prevents damage with a rigid structure. Safely package crucial documents and breakable items for reliable storage or mailing.

    • 353 x 250mm cardboard contains A4 documents without folding as 100 envelopes come in each pack.

    • Blake’s corrugated board variety suits A3 documents.

    • New Guardian has a selection of sizes on premium manilla paper with a board backing with 125 total in each pack.

    • The subtle ribbed texture and enhanced sheen create a distinctive look with a sturdy back that keeps documents from bending and ripping.

    • Power-Tac peel and seal technology supports efficient mailing.

Coloured Collection

For those looking to make a statement, our coloured envelopes will catch the recipient’s attention. These bright and beautiful paper enclosures are perfect for marketing or quirky invitations.

    • C5 size comes in lime green, yellow, blue, red, metallic silver and gold on 120gsm paper in packs of 250.

High-Security Packages

Protective padding and clear labelling make special security packaging a breeze with our reliable solutions. Self-adhesive document covers attach to office boxes or parcels for quick identification.

    • GoSecure have a durable document wallet and parcel backing, designed for invoice and receipt delivery.

    • Biodegradable material is eco-friendly and waterproof with 1,000 A7 envelopes measuring 110x123mm in each pack.

Enjoy excellent savings on office envelopes in Ireland with the array of quality products at b2b.ie. buying in bulk results in increased value and savings. Also, we have free delivery throughout Ireland.