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At b2b we understand that time is money. While most office supply websites in Ireland will offer the essentials, such as printing paper and office stationery, go further. We provide an extensive range of the essentials, but also supply an excellent range of products to ensure that productivity in the office is maximised. Making the effort to facilitate a happy working environment can be key to increasing workplace productivity. Simple gestures such as supplying a choice of leading brands in tea and coffee can improve employee morale.

Through regular feedback from our varied client base, we have endeavoured to supply an excellent selection of cheap office supplies that can be delivered throughout Ireland. Our range of office supplies includes: paper products, filing supplies, writing and drawing supplies, adhesives and tapes, office environment catering, facilities management and technology supplies.

Eliminate time spent on sourcing coffee, tea or cleaning supplies for your office. We supply some of the leading brands such as: Bewley’s, Nescafe, Lyons and Domestos. Simply search through our categories, or view our recommended products, to see some of the most popular items purchased for offices in Ireland. For example, our Symbio copier paper offers unbeatable value, while our Q-Connect envelopes will not be matched on price.

Analysing your office stationery and office supplies usage can lead to superb savings in the long term. By stocking up, and ordering in bulk, you are certain to save financially. By planning ahead, your office can safeguard against running out of paper or other necessities, and prevent the extra costs involved in sourcing products at short notice. There is also the added benefit of free delivery throughout Ireland on all combined orders of office supplies over €75.

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Office Supplies Dublin Ireland from your online Stationer....

As a major office supply shop in Dublin, we provide stationery and other office accessories to many large businesses as well as small. Our range is comprehensive, running the full gamut of products, from adhesives and tapes to meeting and exhibition equipment. Anything that keeps things ticking in an office environment, we supply.

There are so many things that need to be at hand in the office to keep everything running smoothly. If you find yourself in need of a storage box or a memory card and there are none at hand, then you will waste valuable time shopping for one. The moral here is ‘be prepared’. This applies to having items that are not essential, but that you might need in the future and having a steady supply of essential office items, so that you don’t run out. We are here to ensure that you are prepared against both possibilities.

We deliver office supplies to Dublin and the rest of Ireland. We are proud of our delivery service record. We have a fleet of vehicles that distribute office supplies to businesses nationwide, keeping Irish offices fully supplied with essentials and requirements. We aim to deliver on time, every time. We are also proud of our good customer service reputation. We enjoy being an Irish office supplier and dealing with Irish businesses.

We are an online supplier of Office Supplies

One of our best features as an office supply shop is our range. We sell so much more than just notepads and pens. Our shop is a veritable rainforest of office products and items. Everything office-related, we supply. Why shop around at different places for different products when you can do it all in one go at our office supply shop? Businesses have been getting their office supplies from us for years and the main reason is the vast range of products we offer. Just have a look and see for yourself the abundance of various office items that we provide.

Over the years. We’ve established ourselves as a good, reputable office supply shop in Ireland. We are always friendly and transparent in our dealings with customers and we treat everyone with respect no matter how big their business is. After twenty years, we’ve accumulated much knowledge and expertise in the office supply business, and we are generous with it. We are always happy to advise the customer and to help them to get what is the best possible deal for them. We get a lot of satisfaction out of a satisfied customer.

But don’t take our word for it. Have a look for yourself around this website and you’ll get an idea of our range and, of course, our competitive pricing. There are a lot of products, but we’ve designed this website to be as easy to navigate as possible, so you won’t get overwhelmed by so much office supplies. If you have something in mind, maybe something essential, then you can use our powerful search engine to find it. Or maybe you are starting up a new business and you’re shopping for stationery. Relax and get yourself a coffee. You’ve come to the right place.

Your 'One-Stop' Office Stationery Store from Dublin, Ireland

As a leading supplier of office stationery to businesses in Dublin for over twenty years, B2B have grown into a comprehensive, one stop office stationery supplier that serves Dublin and beyond. But we sell more than just printing paper and notepads. We provide pretty much everything you need to help keep your office running smoothly. From office machines such as printers, scanners and computers to office furniture such as desktops and dividers, we do it all. Why go to different office stationery suppliers when you can do it all here?

We are a popular choice for stationery supplies, not just because we sell pretty much anything office related, but also because of our competitive product pricing and our excellent customer and delivery service. We care about these things as they are what running a business is all about, but we also get satisfaction from knowing that the customer is looked after and getting the best possible deal.

When you look through the site you will find that we mean what we say: everything office related is available in our shop. Our name says it all: whatever you need, we provide. In fact, the only thing office related that we don’t supply is people and brain power. .

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Our stationery store is based in Dublin and we are proud to be a major supplier to offices in the metropolis for over twenty years. We have a good name and a reputation for honesty and transparency that we are intent on preserving. If you want choice but also quality, then we can help you. We only supply the best brands, as our reputation depends on their reputation. Over twenty years we’ve gained a lot of knowledge and expertise in relation to office stationery, so we can advise and recommend on what is best for you. Our shop in Dublin has become a reliable source of office stationery and equipment, not just because of range and price, but also our friendly customer service.

So, now that you’ve found us, have a look around the site and you will more than likely find what it is you are looking for. We provide all things great and small in relation to office stationery and supplies, so you won’t have to waste time and energy shopping around the internet for various items. Over twenty years our business has grown and so has our customer base, to the point that we are now a major supplier of stationery and other office equipment to businesses around Dublin. Put your trust in an established name and you can’t go wrong. We have the solution to any and all your office stationery needs. So, order or get in contact with us today!

Stationery / Stationary / Stationer - what does it all mean?

People get confused - what is what - stationery, stationary and stationer. Are they the same thing and what do they mean. B2B office supplies are a stationer - meaning the are a 'person or business that sells stationery' (ps definitions are quoted from the cambridge online dictionary). As a stationer, we sell stationery - meaning 'the things needed for writing, such as paper, pens, pencils, and envelopes'. See here stationery is written with an 'e'. Stationary, on the other hand is defined as 'not moving, or not changing'. Like a car that is 'stationary'. Need supply stationery and pretty much all supplies offices need such as paper, printers, shredders, binders, envelopes, pens, markers, coffee machines, cleaning supplies - everything you may need in an office. Don't forget 'B2B' the stationer when thinking of office supplies and stationery.