Arts & Crafts Papers

Arts & Crafts Paper

Arts & crafts paper comes in handy for many businesses. High-quality paper products produce exciting results for your clients. 

We have an excellent selection of crafting paper, letterheads, postcards and more to encourage creativity and professionalism in the workplace.

Tracing Pads

Brainstorming new ideas, presenting details to clients, and working on special projects just got easier with top-notch tracing pads at terrific prices. We have a range of sizes and colours to consider for a clean, crisp finish.

Clairefontaine Goldline Professional Tracing Pads

    • This 90gsm pad has 50 sheets of high-quality paper and is available in A2, A3, and A4 sizes.

    • There are also heavyweight tracing pads with 112gsm in A3 and A4.

    • The acid-free sheets of arts & crafts paper provide excellent preservation and transparency for artistic and architectural work.

    • Use a pencil or pen to produce long-lasting results.

Letterheads and Parchment Papers

Maintain a professional look with modern letterheads and printer-friendly parchment paper. These strong, durable paper materials offer fantastic solutions for your business needs.

Decadry Parchment A4 Letterhead Paper

    • Add an element of prestige to your printing with 95gsm A4 parchment sheets in champagne, blue, gold, or marbled grey.

Certificate Papers and Covers

Celebrate accomplishments and recognise achievements with certificate paper of the highest standards. Preparing certificates is quick and easy with the right papers and covers.

Certificate Papers and Foil Seals

    • Choose from blue, red, green, or bronze certificates with decorative borders and seals.

    • Produce durable certificates with 90gsm A4 paper, perfect for inkjet printing.

Iron-On Transfers

Make office projects simple and stylish with iron-on transfers. Invest in transfer paper to make team t-shirts, customised merchandise, and lovely gifts with a personal touch.

Canon Fabric Iron-On Transfers

    • Pick from light or dark fabric transfers, specially designed for clothing applications.

    • Just to cut to the desired size and apply with iron heat to embrace fun and memorable products.

Tissue Papers

Take care of gifts and packages with beautiful tissue paper, available in a stunning array of colours. Choose from solid tones or fun prints to complete any corporate present.

County Stationery Printed Tissue

    • Add a fun burst of colour and style to your corporate gift wrapping with these assorted tissue paper designs on 500mm x 750mm paper.


Capitalize on opportunities for mail marketing or send a message to a trusted client with customisable postcards. Leave a nice note with pen or printer ink before sending off a successful batch of postcards.

Plain Postcard Packs

    • Get creative with plain white postcards, ready for writing or printing.

    • Enjoy simple mailing with reverse side stamp placement.

    • Choose from packs of 10 books with 48 blank 140 x 89mm postcards, or packs of 20 with 25 postcards each.

Decadry Postcards A4 Micro-Perforated Sheet

    • Stock up on 100 durable postcards with 25 A4 micro-perforated sheets of 200gsm postcards, suitable for laser and inkjet printing

Arts & Crafts Paper

If you require arts & crafts paper for your office, we have the perfect solutions with an unbeatable array of premium paper products. Shop our unique selection of tracing pads, letterheads, certificates, tissue paper, iron-on transfers, and postcards today.