Desktop Calendar 2023

Are you optimistic about 2023? Start planning for the brighter future and the exciting prospects with a handy desktop calendar 2023.

List all the jobs, milestones and deadlines you are expecting to hit in one convenient location. At Needa, we stock a host of quality options suited to every customer need imaginable so feel free to peruse our product range for a desktop calendar that is right for you.

Desktop Calendar 2023 – Plan Your Year with Optimism

2023 is filled with new possibilities and you and your team are perfectly positioned to get out ahead of the competitors by planning now.

Each day will bring about something new and we have the calendars to help you make the most of them. Look ahead to holidays over bank holidays weekends, weddings or goal completion and potential team retreat dates with ease.

If you are a planner, we have everything you need. Just take a look at our options.

  1. Letts Desktop 2023 Calendars – Convenient Daily and Monthly Planning

As one of our main suppliers, Letts offers a wide variety of calendar options geared toward making your life easier. Easy to use daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planners are their specialty.

Letts understands that each day brings new challenges and gives you the space to note your upcoming tasks. Furthermore, some of our calendars even come with a quote a day for added encouragement. We offer hang-able or desktop options suitable to your spaces.

Our Letts calendars include:

Royal Tablet Calendar – Make the Most of Every Day

Knowing your weekly schedule is vital for busy executives and the Royal Tablet Calendar helps you keep on top of everything. Hang your calendar in plain sight and feel the comforts of being fully prepared for the week ahead.

Monthly Tablet Calendar – Maintain a Forward-Thinking Overview

Our monthly tablet calendar lets you always plan at least 4 weeks ahead. Each page displays one full month allowing you to jot down your can’t-miss meetings and vital deadlines. The perforation down the middle of the page means you can remove the first two weeks once they have elapsed.

System Desk Calendar – Make Detailed Daily Plans

Compact and sturdy, this desk calendar is the perfect accountability buddy. Displaying the next two days and leaving plenty of space for note taking gives you everything needed to make an actionable to-do list.

System Desk Calendar Refill – A Pinch of Inspiration on a Daily Basis

This refill option pairs with the calendar base. It provides a helpful choice for taking it one day at a time. Each day comes with a new quote to keep your inspiration levels up. With a delivery speed of no more than 5 days, you will be feeling prepared and motivated in no time.

  1. At-A-Glance – Quarterly Envisioning Made Simple

At-A-Glance brings you an attractive, desktop quarterly calendar. Looking ahead to the future is made easy with the refillable 3-month calendar. The handy refills are the perfect accompaniment to the 3 month viewing frame. Each refill contains 12 full months so you are prepared for the road ahead.

  1. Collins Calendars – Detailed Desktop Calendar 2021

Collins, the well-known, dictionary provider also produces incredibly convenient calendars for detailed planners.

Collins Colplan Weekly Notebook Diary – Meticulous Accessible Planning

Some weeks are choc full of events, meetings and presentations. No matter what is in store for you, the Weekly Notebook Diary will keep you on top of what you need to know. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks as this diary gives you generous space for the important extra details.

Collins Colplan Monthly Spiral Diary – Stay Ahead of the Game Easily

Our monthly spiral diary means you can keep a bird’s eye view of your schedule with simplicity. The wire bound diary leaves lots of space to jot down everything emerging on the horizon. It is the perfect accessory for any office or home to be prepared to meet your agenda.

Collins Deskline Planner Week to View - Suitable for all Settings and Plans

The week to view planner leaves no chance for missing important appointments or seminars. With this manageable organiser sitting on your desktop, you are kept constantly up to speed on your weekly timetable.

  1. 16 Month Calendar Desktop – Keep Long Term Goals and Plans in View

The most successful companies and organisations unite behind a long term vision punctuated by goals and milestones. Our super affordable 16 month calendar helps you to keep track of the important short, medium and long term goals that get you there.

At only 280 x 80mm in size, the long term calendar is space efficient and free standing. Mark the key dates of your future and maintain healthy progress as the milestones draw closer.

  1. Daily Desk Calendar Tear Off – Satisfying Starts to Each Day

At some point or another, you have come across a tear off daily calendar. The tactile sensation of ripping out the old in favour of the new is refreshing. Each date represents a clean slate and the opportunity to do new things punctuated by the changing of your calendar dates.

Our daily calendar sits atop your desk and the 150 x 185mm dimensions mean it won’t take up too much room. Order this today and we can have it to your door in less than 5 days.


Your calendar is so much more than a piece of paper with days and dates on it. It is your planner for the future, your countdown to important events or your display for exciting project deadlines.

Organise in daily detail or keep an overview of the long term future with our affordable, aesthetic in-keeping options. Looking forward to the future is made easier with a desktop calendar 2023 from B2B!