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Life-Saving Defibrillators

Defibrillators can mean life or death to people with heart conditions who go into cardiac arrest. The machine works automatically to monitor the heart and sends a jolt of electricity to keep the heart rate regular in life-threatening situations.

Our product saves lives and is worth looking into for those who battle heart conditions. The brands of defibrillator Ireland has available are the best.


Lifeline Semi-Automated (Yellow/Black) 5001112

  • This product comes with Adult pads to put on the chest area for monitoring the heartbeat.

  • It has a lithium battery pack for constant mobile use.

  • There is a comfortable carrying case that goes with this item.

  • There are easy to understand verbal instructions explaining how to deliver the electrical shock when it is appropriate.

  • It comes with an 8-year warranty along with total support.

  • This device is easy to use at the push of a button.

  • The machine is lightweight and portable.

  • There are rubber sides and handles to protect the machine from damage.

  • It is also waterproof.

Lifeline Fully Automated (Yellow/Black) 5001137

  • There are easy to understand verbal instructions for rescue situations and how it warns the person before the shock is administered.

  • This device works automatically, only delivering the shock when needed.

  • It automatically provides diagnostic tests.

  • There is a USB flash card for monitoring and updating downloads.

  • The machine is lightweight and portable.

  • It allows up to 12 hours of event data storage of ECG.

AED Machines

Wallace Cameron Lifeline with Battery Fully Automatic (Yellow/Black) 5001166

  • A minimal amount of training is needed to operate this device.

  • Anyone going into sudden cardiac arrest can receive the proper amount of shock as required with the automatic adjustments.

  • This AED machine is lightweight and portable.

  • With the fully automatic feature, the person will always receive a warning before the shock is delivered.

Wallace Cameron Lifeline with Battery Semi-Automatic (Yellow/Black) 5001031

  • A minimal amount of training is needed to make this device easy to operate.

  • The automatic adjustments allow the person to get the proper amount of shock as required.

  • Semi-automatic means the shock can get administered manually by pushing the shock button.

  • This machine is portable and lightweight for use on the spot.

Reliance (Red/Black) Medical Mediana A 15 Hearton AED 2870

  • These AEDs work great for schools because they are designed for adults and children with different size pads.

  • The pads are easy to switch from adult to child in time of an emergency.

  • As soon as the lid is open, the defibrillator will turn on.

  • This device comes with instructions, corresponding voice prompts and LED indicator lights.

  • It comes with an owner's manual and carrying case.

  • Everyone should keep this device in a safe and easy access area for emergency use only.

  • The AED price is a well-invested product for first aid in crèches, schools, businesses and other establishments with many people.

Millions of people all over the world have heart conditions. The chances of survival rate with our products skyrocket because time is valuable for keeping the heart beating.

Our products are designed specifically to cater to the needs of those who have these conditions. If you are interested in receiving more information or have questions about our defibrillators, we will always be available by phone or email.