Executive Desks

Executive Desks

When you work long hours in an office five or six days a week, you are going to want a solid desk that is comfortable, practical, and makes a great impression on clients and partners.

However, executive desks in Ireland can be quite expensive. If you are a new business just starting out, you may be trying to keep costs as low as possible until you are more established.

Or maybe business is just starting to boom, and you need to take on new employees faster than you can keep up with.

Whatever your reason for adding new desks to your workspace, b2b Office Solutions can help by providing you with a quality sleek-looking executive desk at a price that any new business can appreciate.

We have a few desks to choose from and our selection is growing each month, so be sure to check back frequently for added and new products available. We offer the lowest prices on the web for executive office desks.

Types of Executive Office Desks

Fermo 1600 x 900 mm / 1900 x 900 mm– Dark Walnut Desk: This desk is constructed from durable hard black walnut wood and comes with a sleek dark walnut poly finish.

  • Available in two sizes: 1600 x 900 mm and 1900 x 900 mm.

  • The desk surface is 36 mm thick for strong support and durability.

  • Designed for optimal under desk storage.

  • Impact protective edging on all desk edges and corners.

  • The panelling is E1 grade and comes with an environmental certificate.

  • Features chrome tops for each leg spacer.

  • Includes a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Fermo 1000x 550 mm Return Desk Left or Right - Dark Walnut: Make your Fermo executive desk larger and with more surface space by adding the Fermo 1000 x 550 mm return desk.

  • Constructed from the same durable hard black walnut wood.

  • Can attach to either the right or left side of the desk.

  • Provides additional under desk storage for filing cabinets.

  • Chrome tops for each leg spacer.

  • Impactive edging.

  • Also covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Regent Bow Fronted 2000 x 900 mm Executive Desk - Light Walnut: Regent is a trusted brand in the office furniture industry that provides a wide range of executive desks, meetings tables, and storage units.

  • 36 mm thick bowed desk surface for stability and longevity.

  • The desk surface is scratch and heat resistant.

  • Includes two cable management portholes.

  • Nickle-plated feet are adjustable height.

  • Covered by a 5-year guarantee.

Ready to Purchase an Executive Desk for Your Office?

Make a lasting impression at an affordable price with an executive desk purchased at b2b Office Solutions.

Choose from the trusted brands of Fermo and Regent knowing you will receive a quality product that will last. These brands believe in quality, so much so that they have each provided their own manufacturer's full guarantee.

Remember, when shopping for an executive desk in Ireland on the b2b Office Solutions website, receive free shipping on all orders over €75.