Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies

Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies

Having a clean and tidy workplace is important not just from a safety perspective, but also for employee morale. With staff and clients coming in and out of the office, you need a space that’s clean, hospitable and welcoming, thanks in large part to reliable office cleaning supplies. supplies an excellent range of cleaning products to help keep your organisation in tip-top shape. We offer some of the most recognised brands for cleaning products in Ireland to ensure that your workplace is gleaming.

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Drain Cleaners

One of our most popular janitorial supplies is drain cleaner. Unclog office bathroom or kitchen sinks with drain cleaning products that eliminate stubborn grease, grime and debris.

    • The 5 Star facilities drain cleaner and degreaser softens fatty grease buildup and neutralises unpleasant odours.

    • The 1 litre bottle can be used to eliminate toilet stains, clear drain blockages and remove limescale.

    • Buy in bulk with enzyme-based drain cleaner from 2Work.

    • The 5 litre bottle maintains drains and grease traps by breaking down thick oils and grease.

    • It’s fragrance-free and works manually and with automatic dispensing systems.

Floor Cleaners

Our range of office cleaning solutions and hygiene supplies is specially designed for all types of flooring. Whether your headquarters have carpet, concrete, tile, hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring, you can find what you need to keep them clean.

    • Neutral floor cleaners work on hard flooring to get rid of stains and leave your office smelling fresh.

    • Mop or spray wood, PVC, linoleum, and marble floors with a low-foaming cleaner that dries quickly without smears.

Furniture Cleaning Supplies

Other must-have janitorial supplies for your organisation are multi-purpose furniture cleaners suitable for many surfaces throughout the office. Stock up on these high-quality products so you always have cleaning solutions on hand for your desks, tables, cabinets and more.

    • 5 Star multipurpose cleaner comes in several fragrances and lifts dust and grime off office furniture and kitchen surfaces.

    • The cleaning solution is ready to use with cold water, sponges or cleaning rags.

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

All staff members can appreciate a clean and tidy office kitchen, and you can make it easier to maintain this space with trusted cleaning products at affordable prices. From general cleaning sprays to specialist grill and tile cleaners, we have just what you need to make your workplace kitchen sparkle.

    • Flash professional kitchen spray is a disinfecting degreaser that lifts grease, grime, and dirt from cooking surfaces and countertops.

    • This spray cleans stains off appliances and ceramic tiles with a light aroma that cuts down on foul kitchen odours.

    • Cif Bio kitchen wipes are bleach-free and produced with biodegradable plant fibres for a natural grease removal solution.

A clean, well-maintained workplace is important for the image you want to portray to clients and anyone else visiting your buildings. Tidy and orderly offices let clients know that the organisation is well-run, and that pride is taken in the workplace.

Order excellent office cleaning supplies in Ireland today to maintain a cleaner workspace with a warm welcome. View more specialist cleaning products and hygiene supplies in Ireland for windows, glass, washrooms, steel surfaces, dishwashing and laundry.