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Networking and making valuable connections is vital in business. Many business owners spend a lifetime building contacts in order to create a network of reliable, trustworthy experts that can benefit each other’s business interests. Networking can result in new ventures being undertaken, as well as opening doors to new opportunities. Connections can also act as advisories and consultants when making important business decisions. Therefore, having contact details at arms-length can prove to be the difference in taking your organisation to the next level, or standing still. Our range of rotary file cards at enable users to sort and store an extensive amount of business cards in compact fashion at your desk.

Developed in 1956 by Hildaur Neilsen, the Rolodex has been a mainstay on many desks for almost 50 years. In fact, some companies have produced business cards in the shape of Rolodex cards as a marketing concept. At we supply a selection of rotary file cards to meet your list of business contacts. We have Rolodexes that vary in capacity, as well as clear business card sleeves to protect your rotary cards.

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Store Contacts with Rotary Business Cards