OFFICE DESKS has the finest selection of desks that are perfect for the home or office. The traditional style of office desks is professional and convenient.

Some of the desks for home and office we have to offer are listed below with their detailed features. After looking through our top selections, you will want to check out more of the finest office furniture and desks Ireland has to offer.

Metal Leg Office Desks

Ashford Straight White & Beech Top/Silver Leg

  • Ashford products provide the look and durability for an affordable price.

  • The metal legs are created with 16 gauge steel and are powder-coated in silver. All of the steel legs have this feature.

  • Every top and panel legs are constructed with scratch-resistant and E1 grade heat melamine panels.

  • All items have the same features of adjustable feet.

  • This product is tested and certified to EN527.

  • The dimensions are 1200 x 800mm and 800 x 600mm.

Crescent Shaped Top Office Desks

Ashford 16 Guage Metal Leg Crescent Beech Top

  • This product has a crescent-shaped top, where the person sits, allowing them to have a paperwork area and a computer area.

  • The dimensions are 1600/800 x 1200/600mm.

  • It is designed for either a right-handed or left-handed person with the crescent coming around on the right or left hand side.

  • This product is also available in white.

Komo Crescent Beech Top/Silver Leg

  • The tops are made durable with 25mm melamine.

  • It has an E1 Environmental grade panel in the front.

  • There are optional cable baskets with CPU holders and cable managed legs perfect for cable management.

  • All feet in Komo products are adjustable as well.

  • It is also available in a white top.

  • Right and left-handed crescent tops are found in this brand as well.

Goal Post Rectangular Office Desks

Goal Post Grey Oak/ Silver Legs 1200x800mm

  • All products in this brand are the same shape, and all have the same features with only colour and size differences.

  • This item comes in the colour grey-oak.

  • Other colours are available in white, maple, beech and walnut.

  • Since the product is rectangular, it works perfectly for right or left-handed people.

  • This product comes in different sizes, with the width remaining at 800mm while the length varies from 1200mm to 1600mm.

  • This item works excellent for home and adding additional workplaces to the office.

Home Office Desks

Soho Product Home Working Desks Oak/Dark Brown.

  • These desks are the perfect size for homework, school projects for college or grammar school students, and other home projects for tabletop working. they come with square legs with cross supports for added stability.

  • All Soho products are made with style in mind and come in dark walnut or dark brown oak tops to match your home decor.

Soho A-Frame Dark Walnut Top with Black Legs

  • The legs are black with an A-frame shape for stability.

  • It comes with a benchtop and a backboard to help keep all your work in the proper location.

Soho Working Area Dark Walnut top with Shelves and Black Legs.

  • This item has added square shelves, two on each side, to place other work items for your convenience.

  • The tabletop is sturdy to carry on with all your home working projects, with more than enough leg room between the added shelves.

  • This product also comes with A-frame shelves.

Soho Product with Drawers Oak/Dark Brown

  • This is a traditional style homework desk with two drawers added for storing items.

  • The small drawer is mostly used for pencils, pens, and other office supplies.

  • The more oversized drawer is used for storing larger home and office items and perhaps a file drawer at the owner's discretion.

Panel Leg Office Desks

Ashford Panel Leg Crescent Beech

  • The desktops come with 80mm portals for cable management.

  • It comes with all the essential features Ashford supplies their products with a crescent top's added feature.

  • They are available in right and left-handed.

  • All come with different measurements from 1200mm to 1800mm by 800mm.

  • The crescent sides measure 1200mm x 600mm.

Ashford Panel Straight - Beech

  • It has all the features listed above, except this one does not have the crescent feature added

  • Measurements are between 1200mm to 1800mm by 800mm.

Executive Traditional Style Office Desks

Fermo Dark Walnut Executive

  • The tops are a thick executive with measurements of 36mm.

  • It has an environmental E1 grade panel.

  • There is a chrome top to the leg spacer.

  • This desk has an impact protective edging.

  • Ask us about our different colours.

  • There are two different sizes in 1600 x 900mm and 1900 x 900mm.

Fermo Return Accessory Dark Walnut

  • This item is an addition to the traditional executive style and can be placed on either side for right or left-handed people.

  • The same features listed above make this the matching piece and add on for additional office products like extra monitors, printers or more paperwork.

  • It is designed to fit either the 1600 or 1900mm length to make it an L shape.

All the items listed are made for different spaces from the cubical to the executive office. They all have reliable comfort and support to fit your work or home environment.

If you have any questions or comments about our desks, our team in Dublin is ready to assist you.