Many people feel confused when it comes to managed print services. They tend to think it’s something to do with losing printers within the office and giving away control to an external company, or trying to make them use a huge, potentially scary looking multi-function unit instead.

Another view is that the only thing managed print services do is sell toner, which they can find themselves without having to speak to a third party whatsoever.

Although selling toner and offering excellent multi-function machines is part of what managed print services is about, there is plenty more besides. A managed print services provider allows a business to optimise their productivity as they no longer have to worry about their printing services. A company specialised in MPS can provide printing hardware, installation & support.

Having said this, here are some benefits of working with an MPS provider:


Anything that prints paper can be handled by a managed print service. This means all the hardware that you might want in your office space including printers, fax machines, scanners, and of course the well-known multi-function devices.


What a managed print service won’t do is leave you to worry about your printing hardware all by yourself. What it will do is offer plenty of technical support. You will be able to call on someone who can come out and fix broken printers and scanners in your office. Or, with modern technology, that visit might not even be required as many print hardware items can be monitored and fixed remotely.

Saves Time

Printer related tasks can take up a lot of time within the office; time that would be far better spent doing more important things – things that could bring in a profit, for example. Yet still, those who are meant to be doing other things find themselves looking into printers and multi-function units that they really don’t understand. It would save a huge amount of time if you were to have someone else look after printing problems.

Saves Money

By putting all of your company’s print management services under one umbrella and with one company, you can save money. It’s much more cost effective to keep everything in one place and it means that everyone knows who to contact when something is required or something needs to be repaired.

A managed print service company can do a thorough print audit and assessment of your needs and offer you the best money saving ways to incorporate modern systems into your office. You will also reduce costs by only ordering supplies when you need them rather than stockpiling items that you just don’t need.

Enhances Productivity

The printing needs of a company can vary greatly from department to department and even from day to day. A managed print service company will be able to further assess those needs and ensure that there is a tailored program for each department. This way, costs will be kept low and productivity can be vastly increased.

Not only this, but you will have access to cutting edge technology as soon as it is released, meaning that your company can be at the forefront of ideas and development and perhaps even have a step up on your competitors.

Good For The Environment

By getting the right office printer hardware for you, you can greatly reduce your company’s impact on the environment. You can reduce the amount of paper you use, how much electricity you use, and how much ink – and therefore toners – you need to go through. With a good monitoring system in place, you can track your levels of print usage and ensure that you only use exactly what you need.

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