A managed print service is something that not all businesses are aware of, but it’s also something that all businesses can benefit from. By utilising a company that manages every aspect of your business printing (including the printers themselves, of course, but also copiers, faxes & scanners), businesses can save money and be more environmentally friendly. Here are some other ways that managed print services can benefit all businesses, including yours.

Understanding Your Printing Needs

How many items do you print a day? A week? A month? How much ink do you use and how much does that cost you? And your copier; is that doing everything it can for you? If you don’t know then it’s time to find out, but that can be time consuming and – to be entirely honest – boring. There are many other things that you and your employees could be doing instead.

An MPS company can take this task away from you, freeing you up to do more work in marketing, interacting with your customers, or anything else that is more of a priority. It also means that you will get expert feedback on your printing use and how you can use what you have more efficiently to produce better results.

Fewer Machines

If your office is jam packed full of local printers and copiers, you’re using far too much space (not to mention toner and electricity) and possibly making your office a potentially uncomfortable place to be. This could even be affecting the productivity of your workers who are so caught up in making sure that their own printers are working (and becoming frustrated when they don’t or when they won’t connect to the right computer, for example) that they can’t get on with their work.

It’s far better to concentrate on one or two central machines that can take on all the work. This will reduce your costs and give you more room in the office – both of which will help your company thrive. A managed print services company will be able to work out exactly what you need and where to place it for maximum productivity. Plus, only having a few units means that there is less chance something will go wrong, saving you money on repairs too.

This streamlining of printer and copier placement can be expertly arranged to improve the work flow around the office and reducing the frustrations felt by staff when they can’t do what they need to do due to printers not working as expected.

Improves Printing Efficiency

If you aren’t using managed print services, you might not even know if any of your printers are inefficient. Or you might be aware that one (or some) of them are always failing – perhaps your staff keep mentioning it, or there is that one printer that no one can ever use. It might be an office joke, but when you realise it has cost you money, it’s no longer very funny.

MPS services will work out which of your devices is inefficient and offer solutions to make your printing much better. They’ll look into your printing history, the space you have, how many people will need to use the machine (and how much printing they will all do), and they’ll even take your business goals into account. When they collate all this information together, they will come up with an answer to your problem that saves you money and makes you more efficient.

Never Run Out of Toner

Your toner is running low and you think you might have a new cartridge lurking in a drawer somewhere, so you don’t order anymore and then, when you need to replace the ink, that spare cartridge is nowhere to be found. Or you keep putting it all off because those things are expensive. Then you run out and not being able to print anything is also costing you money.

Signing up for a managed print service means you’ll never run out of toner and you won’t be paying a huge amount for it. The machines will be monitored and when they sense that the ink is running low they will automatically order more for you. This keeps your business productive and effective.